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About the Oboz Trail Experience

Oboz Footwear, Summit Hut, and the Arizona Trail Association are inviting you to complete as many of Tucson's selected 120 miles of trails as you can in one month. This Experience is designed for you to re-discover your favorite trails, learn about new or lesser-known trails, push your limits, and recreate locally! You’ll also have the chance to compete against local legends, your peers, or yourself if that’s more your style. 

The Oboz Trail Experience: Tucson is open to walkers, hikers, runners, and people utilizing mobility assistive devices.

All participants can receive rewards from Oboz Footwear, Summit Hut, and other supporting businesses. Rewards can be unlocked by completing 'Promoted Trails', and for every trail you complete, you will earn an entry into a drawing to win one of five pairs of Oboz shoes at the After-Party on April 27. 

  • February 23 - Registration opens
  • March 23 - Oboz Trail Experience begins
  • April 23 - Last day of the Oboz Trail Experience 
  • April 27 - After Party! 4:30-6:30pm at the Summit Hut Speedway location, 5251 E. Speedway

Participating is a Few Clicks Away and Registration is Free

1. Create an account with Terrain Scouts.

2. Register for the Oboz Trail Experience (It’s recommended you add your cell phone during registration as it will be used for messaging during the Experience).

3. Link an Activity Tracking account to the challenge (don’t worry, there are several free tracking options! You’ll be able to create one if you don’t have one already). 

4. If you are using an Activity Tracking app on your phone, be sure it is downloaded and that you are logged on. Better yet, go test it out and make sure you know how to start, end, and save your activities! 

Registration Tutorial Video (2:06)

Participating is a Few Clicks Away and Registration is Free

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Engage With Your Trail Community

There is a whole community exploring Tucson's trails with you! Be sure to check in throughout the Experience to see your progress, view the Individual and Team Standings, Recent Activity, and Discussion Board. And don’t forget to upload photos from your trail time on Instagram using #oboztrailx

Join the Oboz Trail Experience: Tucson Facebook group to connect with others, share pictures from the trail, talk about your trail experiences, and receive Oboz Trail Experience updates.

Please remember to always respect our local Tucson trails. Refer to Leave No Trace Principles, take only pictures, leave only footprints, and pick up any litter you find along the way.  

Oboz Footwear and Summit Hut have come together to commit up to $500 to the Arizona Trail Association. If you would also like to support their organization and the work they do, please click here. Thank you!

About Summit Hut

Summit Hut is a locally owned and operated retailer specializing in hiking, camping and backpacking gear. We have been in business for over 54 years, and have two Tucson locations, Speedway at Beverly and Oracle north of Ina.

About the Arizona Trail Association

The Arizona Trail Association (ATA) is the nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect, maintain, enhance, promote and sustain the Arizona Trail as a unique encounter with the natural environment. Since 1994, the ATA has trained and coordinated tens of thousands of volunteers to help build and maintain the Arizona Trail. The ATA’s primary focus is on protecting and maintaining the trail, and we have a number of outreach programs to engage community members in the Arizona Trail experience.

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